Pin Detector Plate And Pivot Pin

Our Pin Detector Plate was made to be highly resistant at the normal wear points. The solid overall design leads to higher durability and a more sound structure. To prevent excessive wear from pivoting, we have inserted bushings into our design. Our ears feature a more durable dual support system.


Pin Detector Plate

  • Highly resistant at wear points
  • Bushings inserted to prevent excessive wear
  • Ears have a durable double support system

Pivot Pin

  • Rugged Nylon-6 construction
  • Sold in a package of 10

Technical Specifications:

Pin Detector Plate

  • Part Number: 163-6001
  • Replaces Part Number: 47-054298-001

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Pivot Pin (Pkg of 10)

  • Part Number: 163-6004
  • Replaces Part Number: 47-840005-000

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