Lane Conditioner

The latest and most advanced conditioner from Brunswick defies breakdown and movement to provide the longest-lasting performance of any lane conditioner sold today. DEFY’s enhanced Flo-back technology practically eliminates the effect of ball tracks through the heads while minimizing the movement of conditioner down lane. Extensive ThrobotTM testing has shown DEFY lasts up to 30% longer than other conditioners, providing unmatched pattern consistency. When looking to conquer one of the biggest challenges that bowlers face – their shot breaking down to soon – DEFY is the answer.

  • Excellent solution for high-lineage centers
  • More consistent shot requires less bowler adjustments
  • Longer lasting; may require less frequent applications
  • Specialty blend of top-grade oils and unique additives
  • Low-viscosity, high-lubricity conditioner
  • Compatible with all lane machines and lane surfaces
  • 100% solids, 20.0 viscosity
  • Silicon-free
  • Throbot tested and bowler approved
  • Available in a case of 4 – 1 gallon containers
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