Lane Conditioner


We’re always looking to extend the boundaries of performance, yet we don’t want to overlook our existing customers. With that in mind, we have developed Curve, a lane conditioner that advances the capabilities of all our existing six thousand Sanction Technology™ Lane Machine owners worldwide.

Curve has been designed to extend our line of performance products and give you more hook when you want it. With Kegel’s new custom G3 additive, it delivers consistent ball motion frame-after-frame through the end of your first shift of league bowling.

Curve is pinsetter friendly, has low carry-down characteristics, and cleans easily – making it the perfect solution for your bowling center.


  • For Sanction Technology Lane Machines
  • More Hook When You Want It
  • Custom G3 Additive for More Predictable Game-3 Ball Reaction
  • Low Carry-Down Characteristic
  • Pinsetter and House Ball Friendly


  • Viscosity: 41.0 cps
  • Surface Tension: 22.0 dynes/cm
  • Part Number: 156-8145
  • Packaging: Four 1.25 gallon containers per case = 5 gallons
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lbs.

Part Number

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